Shihan Bill Poly has been invited by his long time friend and fellow Karateka Shihan Robert Wiklund to work closely with him in Sweden; where he will be taking a Go Shin Jitsu and Fighting Seminar.


This week I had the chance to ask Shihan Bill Poly some questions about the upcoming event and also found out a little more about his seminars. 


How Long have you known Shihan Robert Wiklund?



I had the honour of meeting Shihan Wiklund in Hawaii in the late 1980s, two young karatekas invited by Shihan Lowe to compete in the full contact tournaments. We were both full contact fighters trying to compete in as many tournaments as we can. Since then we can became close friends and a big part of the Kyokushin family. Our paths have crossed in many places around the world and I am so looking forward to meeting him again in his home country and  to be a part of his Kyokushin family. I am honoured for the invitation and really humbled that I get this opportunity to...

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