April 10, 2015

One of the most common questions asked to a martial artist.

How does a five year old understand why he or she is doing karate?

Do they really understand and know what they are actually doing?

Interesting topic however at that age maybe we should ask the parents why?


However what answer do you get when you ask a 5 year old why he or she is doing karate? Most common answer?… have a guess….” I don’t know ”


Having dealt with and obtaining a great pleasure by teaching martial arts to young children at that age it’s about teaching them to learn to fight not to fight. A motto that Budo Kyokushin Kids strongly believes in. We can show kids how to kick and punch however the difficulty becomes how do we teach them not to use it or when is it actually time to use it. For a 5 year old it’s all about fun and games. A child at that age does not understand the philosophy, the tradition or the actual applications. What that child sees is an opportunity to be like one of their T...

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