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EVENT: Kyokushin Victorian Titles

This weekend is the Kyokushin Victorian Titles in Ballarat. There are 14 representatives from our dojo, 11 Full Contact Fighters and 3 Kata. Karatekas attending the tournament this weekend have spent countless hours in the dojo training and preparing both physically and mentally. They have shown determination on and off the mat and are heading towards great success for this Sunday! Shihan Bill Poly sends his best wishes: 'I wish all the best to the fighters for this weekends Victorian Championships .... Winners are simply willing to do what losers won't. You all are winners before you even get to the mat. No luck just the spirit of OSU with you and NEVER GIVE UP. - Shihan Bill Poly'

Stay tuned for the results from the Tournament


Hawaii 1989, Shihan Bill Poly (right) and Shihan Robert Wiklund (left)

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